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The Ottawa Citizen Talks about Sunshine & Solar Blinds

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Our solar blinds are getting attention in Ottawa! In a recent article by the Ottawa Citizen Marketplace: 9 window dressings that let the light in but keep the heat and UV rays out our solar blinds are featured for their UV protection and sense of style. With the hot summer days on their way investing in solar blinds means investing in a cooler more energy efficient home. Did you know, our solar blinds are transparent?  Making a perfect minimalist  addition to any room. Show off your windows! Read the article here »

Getting Ready for Fall

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Autumn is invariably a prelude of falling winter temperatures but along with the colder weather the symphony of vibrant red, orange and yellow foliage, lots of pumpkins and the anticipation of the holiday season. So while the weather is still cooperating here are some simple projects to get your home ready for the cold weather season.

  1. Stock up on furnace filters, clean ducts and consider switching to a programmable thermostat. (We love “Nest”)
  2. Get the Fireplace ready, make sure that it has been cleaned in the last 2 years, cap or screen the top of to keep rodents out.
  3. Inspect the roof, gutters and downspouts
  4. Service weather specific equipment, drain the gas from lawnmowers, service the snow blower to make sure its ready for use, replace old rakes and snow shovels, clean dry and store gardening equipment.
  5. Check foundation
  6. Check smoke and carbon dioxide detectors
  7. Check the windows to make sure that they close properly
  8. Remove mosquito screens
  9. Check the calking around the windows
  10. Consider Krumpers Solar Blinds so that you can enjoy the view while reducing your heating and cooling costs by up to 41%

Green Renovation Ideas for Homeowners

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Kaz Flinn, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility at Scotiabank shared his insight with Home BUILDER Canada on how to continue encouraging Canadians to adopt energy efficient updates. Educating homeowners about green renovation ideas will further increase their interest to make these changes.

“A June 2011 special report from Scotiabank found that while substantial progress has been made in improving household energy efficiency, more needs to be done, especially with energy usage and pricing on the upswing. “

“Canadians are increasingly adopting energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices in their homes, and with the breadth and depth of knowledge available to builders and renovators, there is a distinct opportunity to inform even more Canadians of their green options. “

“As experts in their field, builders and renovators can educate clients about the benefits of using sustainable materials, appliances and lighting when completing a renovation. By demonstrating the savings on household electricity and water bills, these experts can show Canadians how simple changes are smart for both the planet and the wallet. “

“Additionally, government rebates available to Canadians at the regional and federal levels are excellent incentives to choose sustainable renovation options. The comprehensive rebate guide on Scotiabank’s EcoLiving website, www.ecoliving.scotiabank.com, shows the user rebates available by city and province and by renovation project.”

Energy efficient renovations don’t need to be major. Small energy efficient updates can add to be to great savings.

Window Blinds Will Help You Outsmart The Smart Meter

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Ottawa Life Magazine published our article “Cutting Edge Technology in Window Blinds will Help You Outsmart the Smart Meter” on Friday.

We all love the sun streaming through the windows especially this time of year, when every second of sunshine is worth its bandwidth in gold.  However, windows are the weakest element in any building structure and the only element that has very little insulating value. Even the best windows on the market (3 pane, with argon and crypton gas) still allow for 50% of heat to travel through them.

Here is a simple experiment touch your wall and then touch the glass of your windows, the temperature differential will be staggering. The solution is actually very simple and has been around for the past 28 years, however only the fortunate few have been aware.

Home owners, condominium dwellers and commercial building owners have all benefited from Krumpers technology. Krumpers blinds is a gift that will give back year after year not only to your pocketbook but also to the environment.

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