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Sunglasses For Your Windows

By January 6th, 2020 No Comments

We’d like to thank Our Homes Magazine Oakville/Burlington for their charasmatic blog post about Krumpers Solar Solutions.

“The reality is there are great options available that can make a big difference and negate the draw backs associated with big beautiful windows.   Suprisingly, insulating window blinds and can halt up to 86% of heat gain and 80% of heat loss.  Add to that they are now constructed of material  that still allows you a clear view out of the window.

I do have good energy efficient windows, so would solar blinds really make a difference? Apparently low-E still allows for 60% heat transfer rate through the glass in summer and winter, but Krumpers Solar Blinds reduces this to less than 20%. In the winter they can reduce winter heat loss by 45%.”

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