Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are the ideal solution for your home comfort.

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Control the temperature of your home year round and save energy with Krumpers Climate Control Solar Blinds™




Our Solar Blinds are proudly made in Canada and are designed specifically for the unique Canadian climate. Our summers are some of the hottest and our winters are some of the coldest in the world. These extreme changes in our climate can make controlling your home’s environment a real challenge.

For example, sunrooms provide an incredible view to your backyard,  but with 3 walls of windows, they can also be a source of incredible cold in the winter, making the room unwelcome for half the year.  In the summer months, a west facing sunroom can become almost unbearable with heat, once again rendering this great architectural feature unusable.

Skylights can also be a fabulous addition to the home, providing light and a view. They can also provide intensified heat and uncomfortable glare. Krumpers Solar Blinds™ provides the perfect solution, allowing the sunlight in, while keeping your home cool. Our skylight blinds are so unobtrusive, after a while, homeowners do not even notice they are there.

From bay windows to sliding glass doors, sunrooms to skylights, Krumpers Solar Blinds™ provide an elegant, made-to-measure solution for your comfort.  Make the most out of your view and contact us today.

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