Viceroy Homes from Construction Delta Pro

Through our travels installing Solar Blinds at a variety of residential locations, we have come to look forward to installing them at Viceroy Homes for their quality and beauty.

Construction Delta Pro is a Québec based company with 30 years experience specializing in Viceroy Home Systems.  They offer a everything from pre-designed home plans through to custom design – build services.

We love installing our products in Viceroy homes for a number of reasons:

  1. The quality of materials used building Viceroy homes is unsurpassed

  2. They use environmentally friendly products to ensure your home is not only beautiful but healthy

  3. Their customer service is simply outstanding

  4. The end results of all this is a stunningly beautiful home that we are thrilled to work with!

We follow the same principals of quality, sustainability and service as construction Delta Pro & Viceroy homes and would like to encourage you to use them, so we can install our Solar Blinds in more of their beautiful buildings!  That is why we are happy to offer Viceroy customers a 5% discount, free estimates and free installations.

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Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are transparent, internal, sun and temperature control blinds. The unique two-sided smart tech design (summer/winter, you simply turn them around) allow for a clear view and year-round temperature control.

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