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Take Care of Your Home’s Health, Like Your Own

If your home could talk, its walls would tell you much more then just the history of the people whom inhabited its premise; it would ask, beg and nag for the attention it deserves.

It would tell you “I am envious of you”. You go to the doctor, you heal yourself with medicine, but you neglect me. Perhaps you give me a quick cosmetic overhauls to keep my age a well kept secret, but I too need a physical. How grateful I would be to have new windows to keep me warm, or to just have a taste of the latest technology in efficiency. Your home is your castle, but how do you treat it? When you are cold you dress warmly and how do you dress me for those chilly days? Yes, you turn up the furnace but that’s just hard on me. I start to cost you more and all you think is that you might have to get rid of me.

Thus, I finally have a voice and on behalf of all homes I would like to beg and plead with you to take action. We homes will serve you better, cradle you in comfort and save you thousand of dollars if you the homeowner will just do a few of the measures we homes are asking. We can only respectfully request, as we have no unions or pension plans, and are at the mercy of your kindness. But believe us when we say, we shall pay you back in more ways that you could fathom, not only directly but indirectly, as we are all participants of this planet.

You have me inspected before you buy me, to quote Mike Holmes “Most Homes are NOT Inspected Properly” in the first place. Then you forget that I too age, and have issues and wants, or rather needs. You are lucky you get a physical every year; you brag that you are fortunate enough to have your own family doctor. As I age, my issues might be easily remedied if only caught early enough. A good inspection including an infra red scan (this scan will only run you between $150-$300) will be like an MRI for me and thus you can heal quickly and inexpensively.

We homes have all sorts of small deficiencies that are quickly and easily rectified. For instance, make sure my vents are actually vented to the outside, as prior to 1975 the building code did not require it. See how smart you have become over the years. Please have my chimney cleaned as I not only worry about you but I am petrified of burning down.

We also like to let you know that we love the view we have through the windows, but as soon as you are cold or hot you cover them up. Please get the latest technology. Get Krumpers Solar Blinds, we all get to enjoy the view and you get to save 40% off your heating and cooling costs. Krumpers Solar Blinds are the “Apple” of blinds, and we homes want to have a taste of the high tech toys you have had for years.

I know, I know as soon as I start to cost you money you just want to get rid of me. But if you click on http://www.krumperssolarsolutions.ca/news/ you will find all sorts of ways to save money and enjoy me for years to come.

I bow my head to you and await a promising future.

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Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are transparent, internal, sun and temperature control blinds. The unique two-sided smart tech design (summer/winter, you simply turn them around) allow for a clear view and year-round temperature control.

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