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Reflective Blinds – Protecting Valuables from UV Rays

Have you noticed that when you have curtains up in the window for an extended period of time (months or years), the one side facing the window is a lot lighter? Not only do UV rays damage the skin, but they tint furniture, fabric and wood.

* Glare reduction: better than most sun glasses, Reflective Blinds reduce glare by between 70% and 80%.

* Fade Protection: Ultra violet rays of the sun are like the noisiest kid in the class, they get all the blame. In reality though they only do about 55% of the damage.

* UV protection: Reflective Blinds films stop more than 92% of the U.V. rays.

* Complete window coverage for privacy.

A clear choice for protecting your valuables from UV Rays, while enjoying year round climate control and a clear unobstructed view.

Home Stars Review

It has been a couple of months since the installation of the Krumpers Solar Blinds. We knew from the moment we talked with you, that the solution to our UV and heat problems was to install your technology. With the heat wave in the middle of the summer, one was able to clearly feel the difference with the blinds drawn – there is no longern the heavy heat passing through the window. An added bonus is that we still have the beautiful view of our lake when the blinds are drawn.

The main issue for us had been to get protection from the harmful effects of UV rays – now that we know the Krumpers Solar Blinds filter most of these, we rest easy in the knowledge that our valuable furniture and carpeting are protected from deterioration.

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Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are transparent, internal, sun and temperature control blinds. The unique two-sided smart tech design (summer/winter, you simply turn them around) allow for a clear view and year-round temperature control.

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