Reduce Heat Loss with Krumpers Skylight Blinds

Krumpers Solar Blinds is the ideal solution for skylights to continue letting the light in without letting the heat out.

Home Stars Review

My family has Krumpers Solar Blinds in the skylights in our home. They are wonderful products. They reflect the heat in summer, and in the fall, you reverse the blinds (easy peasy to do) so they’ll keep the heat inside. Besides the energy savings, we love the bright sunlight, but don’t like the glare – Krumpers’ blinds are a fantastic product to give us our natural light, but enabling us to still sit comfortably and/or watch TV in skylighted rooms (which we couldn’t do previously). Diana and Yuri are extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable people; and are very attentive to your needs. I’d highly recommend them, and their product.

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Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are transparent, internal, sun and temperature control blinds. The unique two-sided smart tech design (summer/winter, you simply turn them around) allow for a clear view and year-round temperature control.

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