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Aging Demographic Interested in Energy Efficient Renovations

A great article was posted by Home BUILDER Canada’s website. This article was written by Mike Martin, owner of Michael J. Martin Luxury Renovations in Ottawa.

“Provincial and municipal agencies are also offering home renovation incentives and awareness campaigns to help industry growth with such incentives toward home efficiency and environmental stewardship.”

“The demographic is changing with 1,000 retirees a day in Canada. Therefore, renovators should gear themselves toward barrier-free renovation projects. Automation and efficiency is a primary concern for this demographic, and renovators should try and educate themselves with these elements to tap into this huge market.”

“Green renovations will continue to be an important facet of any project. Demands for “Green homes” include everything from HVAC systems to building materials to product finishes. Tying in energy efficient renovations to an existing house requires much up-to-date knowledge and technical know-how to make it “one” with a home.”

It is true that retired homeowners would appreciate the benefits of energy efficient renovations.

  1. Many are now on a fixed income so would appreciate a reduced energy bill

  2. Making updates to the home before selling to increase the value

  3. Reducing allergens in the air and thus reducing illness

  4. Increasing the warmth of the house, again reducing illness

As mentioned in Mike’s statement the aging demographic is most interested in “barrier-free renovation projects” so they can remain in the comfort of their home during renovations. Krumpers Solar Blinds is one energy efficient update that doesn’t alter your lifestyle.  Toxic-free, allergen-free, and affordable!

Article Source: ArcticFoam blog (permission granted)

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