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A well kept secrect: Healthy Home Tax Renovation Credit for Seniors

Article Source: Ontario Ministry of Finance

The Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit is a new permanent, refundable Personal Income Tax credit to assist with the cost of permanent home modifications that improve accessibility or help a senior be more functional or mobile at home.

The credit is worth up to $1,500 each year, calculated as 15 per cent of up to $10,000 in eligible home renovation expenses that will help seniors stay safely in their homes. It can also be claimed by senior homeowners and tenants, and people who share a home with a senior relative.

Amounts claimed by couples are subject to a combined maximum of $10,000 in eligible expenses per year. Different family members in a shared home can claim the credit. However, the total amount of the eligible expenses that can be claimed, per year, by all of those family members cannot exceed $10,000.

What expenses qualify?

Some examples of eligible expenses include:

  1. certain renovations to permit a first-floor occupancy or secondary suite for a senior

  2. grab bars and related reinforcements around the toilet, tub and shower

  3. handrails in corridors

  4. wheelchair ramps, stair/wheelchair lifts and elevators

  5. walk-in bathtubs

  6. wheel-in showers

  7. widening passage doors

  8. lowering existing counters/cupboards

  9. installing adjustable counters/cupboards

  10. light switches and electrical outlets placed in accessible locations

  11. door locks that are easy to operate

  12. lever handles on doors and taps, instead of knobs

  13. pull-out shelves under counter to enable work from a seated position

  14. non-slip flooring in the bathroom

  15. a hand-held shower on an adjustable rod or high-low mounting brackets

  16. additional light fixtures throughout the home and exterior entrances

  17. swing clear hinges on doors to widen doorways

  18. creation of knee space under the basin to enable use from a seated position (and insulation of any hot-water pipes)

  19. relocation of tap to front or side for easier access

  20. hands-free taps

  21. motion-activated lighting

  22. touch-and-release drawers and cupboards

  23. automatic garage door openers

Healthy Home Renovation Check

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