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10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room

Twitter is a great place to find eco tips and articles. Browsing this morning, there was a great article by apartmenttherapy.com titled “10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room

As heating costs continue to rise, we will do anything to try to cut our heating bill. In the laundry room you most often hear advice to “wash in cold water” and “dry clothes on a rack”. It is helpful to listen to these old “wives-tails” on how to do your laundry the “green way” but there is also new technology that will help reduce energy use.

10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room (view full article)

1. Move the dryer closer to an outside wall

2. Use smooth ducts for exhaust

3. Air dry clothes when possible

4. 8 Tips to Optimize Your Dryer. “Learn how to separate clothes and select cycles that optimize drying time. You can dry full loads, but don’t overfill the dryer, stop over-drying your clothes, and separate heavy from light fabrics among other tips.”

5. Recover greywater from the washing machine. “Over the last two years, that simple switch has sent 9,720 gallons to passion fruit vines instead of the sewer, and it required only one change to her usual routine.”

6. Use an electricity free technique. “Wonderwash Portable Washing Machine & Mini Spin Dryer, “is small enough for countertop use, is easy and safe to use, and will cut down on water and electricity usage as well as save money”

7. Hot, warm or cold cycles? “Not all laundry needs to be washed in hot, or even warm water. Separate loads and be selective about which fabrics get to be washed in heated water.”

8. Wash clothes less frequently

9. Heat and moisture energy exchange. “An air to air heat and moisture exchange system could allow you to save energy on heating or cooling your home by recycling the energy you used to heat or cool it in the first place.”

10. Stop shipping water when you buy liquid detergents

#11 that is not on this list would be doing your laundry during off-peak hours. In Ontario the winter hydro off-peak hours are from 7 pm to 7 am. Rather than paying over 10 cents per kWh you are paying just over 6 cents per kWh. Just be sure that if you are doing your laundry in the evening, be sure not to leave your wet laundry in the machine. This will lead to the development of bed bugs and bacteria build-up.

Washing your clothes the “eco-way” is not only positive for the environment but your clothes will last longer! Enjoy clothes with a fresh smell and long lasting colour.

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