Living Off The Grid: 10 Easy Steps to Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Tips

Krumpers Solar Solutions have been featured in an article in the Ottawa Citizen.

Sometimes it can be troublesome to try to rebel again Hydro by jumping off the bandwagon. A local Ottawa man installed a combination wind/solar power system to avoid paying $20,000 for Hydro One installation. “He says the sun and wind only meet about half his electricity needs.”

In his quest to make this work, his family has adapted more energy conservation tactics to reduce home energy use.


  1. Wash clothes in cold water
  2. Turn heat down 2 degrees during the day and 3 degrees at night
  3. Put electronics on a surge-protecting power bar
  4. Enable sleep/hibernate mode on computer (to restart quicker)
  5. Remove or opt for a high-efficiency chest freezer
  6. Set hot water tank to 49 C
  7. Check refridgerator’s ait tightness
  8. Check furnace filter every month
  9. Keep heat out with energy efficient window coverings
  10. Plant decidious trees in south and west sides of house, and coniferous on north side

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