In the News

With incredible technology that changes the lives of Canadians every day, Krumpers Solar Blinds™ is often a newsworthy subject. We have had the pleasure of appearing on many fine Canadian television shows and publications.

Below is some of the print recognition Krumpers Solar Blinds has received.

Blinded From The Sun

“Energy-efficient solar blinds not only block out harmful UV rays, but keep the home cosy on cold winter nights” The Ottawa Citizen has published another article about Krumpers Solar Solutions, featuring an interview with Diana Livshits and in depth information about Climate Control Solar Blinds™ Read the full article

A Peek Behind The Iron Curtain

Story behind founder of Krumpers Solar Solutions, Diana Livshits. Former Russian translator for Nortel now uses communication skills to sell solar technology. Shocked at the heating bill for her older house, she began searching for inexpensive solutions and came across a Toronto company that offered climate-control blinds that heat the house in winter with reflected solar heat - and reverse the process in the summer. Using her communication skills from her earlier work, she soon began translating the power of solar energy into marketable terms for new customers.