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With incredible technology that changes the lives of Canadians every day, Krumpers Solar Blinds™ is often a newsworthy subject. We have had the pleasure of appearing on many fine Canadian television shows and publications.

Below is some of the print recognition Krumpers Solar Blinds has received.

Krumpers Solar Blinds: Exporting a unique environmentally-friendly solution

You could call a case of “I liked the product so much, I bought the company.” In 2008, when a friend gave Diana Livshits solar blinds to try in her new home’s problematic west-facing windows, she and her husband couldn’t believe how perfect they were. They bought the custom blinds immediately and then sought the exclusive rights to sell them in Canada. The product was invented by a gentleman in Windsor, but he’d since sold the company to an American group, and that’s the company Livshits and her husband dealt with for the rights. Soon after they secured them, she...
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Going Green with Krumpers Solar Solutions

Krumpers Solar Solutions is one of nine finalists for the prestigious Scotiabank EcoLiving Award. Businesses considered for the award are among those that work towards a more environmentally sustainable future for Canadians. Ottawa Life Magazine talks a bit about our history and how we can reduce the carbon footprint of the green home owners of Ottawa. Read the article, here! 

The Ottawa Citizen Talks about Sunshine & Solar Blinds

Our solar blinds are getting attention in Ottawa! In a recent article by the Ottawa Citizen Marketplace: 9 window dressings that let the light in but keep the heat and UV rays out our solar blinds are featured for their UV protection and sense of style. With the hot summer days on their way investing in solar blinds means investing in a cooler more energy efficient home. Did you know, our solar blinds are transparent?  Making a perfect minimalist  addition to any room. Show off your windows! Read the article here »

Sunglasses For Your Windows

We’d like to thank Our Homes Magazine Oakville/Burlington for their charasmatic blog post about Krumpers Solar Solutions. “The reality is there are great options available that can make a big difference and negate the draw backs associated with big beautiful windows.   Suprisingly, insulating window blinds and can halt up to 86% of heat gain and 80% of heat loss.  Add to that they are now constructed of material  that still allows you a clear view out of the window. I do have good energy efficient windows, so would solar blinds really make a difference? Apparently low-E still allows for 60% heat transfer rate...
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Window Blinds Will Help You Outsmart The Smart Meter

Ottawa Life Magazine published our article “Cutting Edge Technology in Window Blinds will Help You Outsmart the Smart Meter” on Friday. We all love the sun streaming through the windows especially this time of year, when every second of sunshine is worth its bandwidth in gold.  However, windows are the weakest element in any building structure and the only element that has very little insulating value. Even the best windows on the market (3 pane, with argon and crypton gas) still allow for 50% of heat to travel through them. Here is a simple experiment touch your wall and then...
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A history of blinds in Ottawa Life Magazine

“It may come as a surprise, but there is actually a fascinating history to window blinds. Archaeological evidence suggests that they appeared at about the same period in both the great Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. The first window blinds in ancient China were made of bamboo whereas ancient Egyptians weaved reeds into mats to create shades that worked much like modern roller blinds.” Pick up a copy of Ottawa life from Friday the 16th of September, or download the article here.

Homestars’ Best Blinds of 2010

“Winner of Homestars’ Best Blinds of 2010 honours, Krumpers has been recognized for outstanding quality and service both by the industry and countless customers. Diana Livshits and her staff members are dedicated to preserving that standard of excellence in every single installation. “ Pick up a copy of Due West from Friday the 16th of September, or download the article here.

Make the most of your windows as the sun shines in

Krumpers Solar Solutions is featured in an Ottawa Citizen article. And don’t forget the difference the right blinds can make. Krumpers Solar Blinds are a unique Canadian product, which allow for an unobstructed view while the dual modular design allows for winter/summer climate control. One side is solar reflective and one side is solar absorptive. Download the article here