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Krumpers Solar Solutions – Scotiabank EcoLiving Business Leadership Award Winner

https://youtu.be/1VzIhxibJAM Krumpers Solar Solutions is a Scotiabank EcoLiving awards winner in the business leadership category.
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Ottawa Home & Design Exhibitor Krumpers Solar Blinds featured on CTV Morning

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Krumpers talks about solar blinds on CTV News

https://youtu.be/AvRc99lFELQ Diana Livshits, talks on CTV News about how to environmentally control the temperature at home in the summer or winter.
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Krumpers Solar Blinds Featured on CTV

Check out our latest video on CTV! Krumpers is the only blind that addresses 3 issues: the summer heat, the winter cold and trying to keep the integrity of the…
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5 Tips to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

One of the 5 tips to improve home energy efficiency is to insulate windows with solar blinds. Krumpers Solar Blinds have an R-value of R-10!
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One Tool to Find Insulation Problems

Home inspectors and home renovation companies will use thermo graphic imagery to detect insulation problems in the home. Keep your home warm and take advantage of the eco-energy retrofit program.
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Krumpers Solar Solutions at the Go Green Expo in Ottawa

CTV covers the Go Green expo in Ottawa featuring Krumpers Climate Control Solar Blinds. Click "read more" to watch the news feature. Read More »
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Krumpers Solar Solutions on Daytime Ottawa

https://youtu.be/w0gheDRpUNw Diana Livshits talks to Daytime Ottawa about Climate Control Solar Blinds, and how they can drastically reduce energy consumption for homes and businesses across Canada. Related Post: On the…
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Krumpers Solar Solutions on the A Morning Show

https://youtu.be/dPTzsHLD-U8 Diana Livshits, President of Krumpers Solar Solutions, Talks to the A Morning Show about Climate Control Solar Blinds and their benefits to businesses and residences wanting to conserve energy.