Keep cool through Time of Use

We finally got a taste of summer and the warm weather that is to come. However we are also about to embark on the “Hydro’s time of use” implementation and the soaring costs associated with it. Here are some simple and effective tips on keeping both your home and your bills cool.

  1. Try not to use a dehumidifier at the same time as your air conditioner as it increases the cooling load and forces the air conditioner to work harder.
  2. Clean your A/C every month during the summer. Normal dust can reduce air flow by 1% per week. Also make sure to change your air filters monthly as well.
  3. An HVAC cold air return is a very efficient way to draw the cooler air from the basement upstairs.
  4. Humidity makes the temperature seem warmer, thus minimize midday laundry, showers, etc.,
  5. You should remember that even mid air movement of 1 mph can make you feel 3-4 degrees cooler. Also make sure that you ceiling fans are turned to summer position. You should be feeling that air being pushed down.
  6. Common culprits of internal heat build up are appliances, electronics, lights and other heat generating devices.
  7. Use a range fan when cooking to draw the additional heat out.
  8. Arrange furniture and other items in the room to avoid impeding the free flow of air. Freely flowing air will make you cooling system work more efficiently.
  9. Make sure that the windows are closed during the hottest time of the day. Krumpers Solar Blinds will help reduce solar gain and radiant heat gain by 72% as well as provide UV protection while allowing a clear view and the flow of daylight.
  10. Skylights, although beautiful and functional cause havoc on your cooling. Krumpers Solar Blinds on skylights are an ideal solution to control the temperature while still allowing your skylight to light up you space.

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