The Benefits

They are truly transparent: Krumpers Climate Control Solar Blinds are as clear as your sunglasses, you could say that they put sunglasses on your windows. While smart-tech, lab tested 2 sided design will insulate your windows year round. ENERGY SAVINGS AND COMFORT MADE EASY!

  • Sun protection: Krumpers Solar Blinds™ offer excellent protection from the sun, heat and cold.
  • Glare reduction: better than most sunglasses, Reflective Blinds reduce glare by between 70% and 80%*.
  • Fade Protection: Ultra violet rays of the sun are like the noisiest kid in the class, they get all the blame. In reality though they only do about 55%* of the damage.
  • Krumpers Solar Blinds™ stop more than 92%* of the U.V. rays. This together with about 90% to 97%* of the visible rays, and at least 80% to 90%* of the infra red rays from the sun will increase the life of furniture and furnishings by a factor of 8 to 10*. This means that if carpets take four years to fade to a certain point with no protection at all, that they will take between 32 and 40* years to degrade to the same degree when protected by Krumpers Climate Control Solar Blinds™.
  • Winter Warmth: Krumpers Solar Blinds™ will reduce winter heat loss by up to 41%*, depending on how they are installed.
  • Day time Privacy: Krumpers Solar Blinds™ work like a one way mirror during the day giving excellent day time privacy. There is a security element to this in that you cannot see in through a Krumpers Solar Blinds™ during the day, or at night when the lights are turned off.
  • Washable: Although some users never need to clean their Krumpers Climate Control Solar Blinds™, they can be cleaned.
  • Krumpers Solar Blinds™ are tough, durable and sun rot resistant.